Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sucking at Life

Yesterday, I did a load of dishes. And it's important that we're really clear about what happened here, so let me elaborate.

Ed and I collectively have quite a few dishes, and a large number of them were dirty. I was picking up these dirty dishes, one by one, and placing them on the dishwasher racks. Once I was done, I would I put a little square of soap into the dishwasher, close it, move a small lever to lock the door, and slightly rotate a dial. A couple of hours later, there would be clean dishes.

This is not at all difficult or taxing, and yet we are a couple of days behind on dishes. As usual. Whence the following conversation as I was loading:

Me: We suck at life.
Ed: Oh, I know.
Me: How could anyone have this easy of a life...
Ed: And suck at it this much?
Me: Yeah.
Ed: I don't know, but we do.
Ed: We can't solve any real problems, that's why we solve made-up problems.
Me: Right! So that's why we're in math?
Ed: Yep.
Me: So we can be like, "Oh, what if we had this type of thing, and we called it a blah de blah, then what else could we say about it?" and just give ourselves easier problems to work on?
Ed: Yep.
Me: My god, I think you're right.