Monday, April 30, 2007

Review for the Quiz

Via Sally, in case you've been goofing off, and not reading my blog with the proper level of detail, here is a tag cloud via TagCrowd of the last ~40 days of my blog postings:

created at

Guess I've been a bit focused on school lately, eh?

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Sally said...

Let's see... I'm guessing you are some kind of math or computer science student? Your cloud seems to sum the situation up pretty well.

I was amused to note that "week" was a significant word on your list, while "years" was on mine. That seems appropriate to the timeframes on which the two of us are focusing our thoughts and efforts these days. I'll have to redo mine when I am more into doing school than planning for it and see if "week" jumps up in frequency. As long as I can avoid to much emphasis on "tomorrow"...