Thursday, May 31, 2007


Presumably this is a COLLEGE rather than a HIGH SCHOOL graduation photo.  He's not THAT young.Well, for the first time in a pretty damn long while, I have a boyfriend, pictured at left.

His name is Ed, he's 23, and he's a computer science grad student at the School of Mines.

What? 23?!?

I wish I could say he's extra mature for his age or something, but he seems just kinda regular for his age. (Sorry Ed!)

So what is he like? Pretty much a bit geekier than I am, a certifiable math genius, shy (he claims, though I have seen no evidence of this), argumentative (naturally), and kind of a smartass. In other words, basically what you'd expect.

How did we meet? Funny you should ask. The actual origins of our mutual acquaintance shall remain shrouded in mystery, but the official, CIA-approved answer is "We met at a party."

Life is good :-)

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