Monday, February 18, 2008

Those New Grocery Bags

I'm not sure if they're everywhere yet, but here in Colorado, something new has shown up over the past few months: very cheap reusable grocery bags.

The bags are $1 each (or $5 or so for an insulated version, which might be useful if you shop far from home) and seem to be made of some kind of rigid, offensively synthetic cloth. They are shaped like brown paper bags, and have handles, so they are functionally equivalent to the paper bags at nice places like Whole Foods. The bottom has a plastic insert to help make it rigid.

As grocery bags, they kick the ass of canvas tote bags, are a substantial bit nicer than ordinary plastic grocery bags, and they are $1, folks. It's finally become easy, convenient, and cheap enough for me to start bringing my own bags to the store. (Considering I get a credit for bringing my own bags, they could conceivably even pay for themselves.)

Every store seems to have their own logo version.

I also have to admit, having cheap-ass, ugly $1 grocery bags emblazoned with the King Soopers logo (left) satisfies my tiny bit of anti-elitism: I like not looking like some yuppie who was willing to pay $12 for a damn grocery bag. When I carry them into Whole Foods, it will give me a funny little pleasure (although, to be fair, I am sure Whole Foods is also selling these).

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Sally said...

I admit that the ugly/cheap/generally anti-hedonic factor appeals to me also.