Monday, January 25, 2010

First Grad School Application Result

Today, I got an email from the Graduate Advisor of one of the math departments I applied to. He has emailed me before to say that my application was complete. Today he emailed me to say that he is requesting my unconditional admittance to the PhD program. He also said that the first round of teaching fellowship offers will go out in early March, and he's not sure how many positions they will have.

Needless to say, I was excited to get the email, which came earlier than I had anticipated anything. Afterwards, I went to the website where I can look at such things, and sure enough, my application status had changed from "Complete" to "Admitted." So I guess it's official that I'm in.

This isn't one of my more highly-rated schools - it's near the bottom of my list in terms of rankings. It is, however, one of the schools I have in common with Ed (assuming he hasn't changed his mind), and it's in a place I wouldn't mind living. So we'll see.


Sally said...

Congrats on your acceptance!

Lee Ryan said...

congrats! Hope the funding works out.

Susan Williams said...

Great news! Good luck with your other choices, too.