Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Looks Like I'm Going to Grad School

Nothing is fully determined yet, but I have been assured by the grad director at one school that I will either get a nice fellowship from the school, or a TAship and tuition + fee waiver. I should find out either at the end of this week, or in a couple of weeks. The offer is good enough (either way) that, if it's my best offer, I'll go. I'm pretty psyched.

Once I have an offer on paper I will let my boss (and, by extension, my coworkers) know. I'm friends with one and he knows already, but the rest do not, and I don't see any reason not to give them a few months' notice rather than a couple of weeks. And it's getting a little awkward when people congratulate me on my impending graduation and either ask what I'm going to do next or say I must be relieved that I won't have to do icky school anymore.


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Sally said...

Fortunately it sounds like you work with people who will be happier for you than they are sad for themselves. Pretty soon you'll be able to answer other awkward questions instead, like, "Are you excited?!" and "But what about your boyfriend?"

Tam said...

At least it won't be like going to college the first time, where everyone asks you what you are going to major in and you have no idea.