Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Library Excitement

Today I went to the math & science library at school to get some books I had identified as possibly useful for the 1000-word paper I need to write about a 19th century logician. I visited that library when I was here in April, but hadn't been since school started.

The main library here seems very nice and spacious, but the science library is byzantine, cramped, low-ceilinged, and noticeably fluorescently-lit. (Of course, everything on campus is fluorescently lit, but it's not usually objectionable.) However, there were multiple shelves of books about logic and logicians and I wanted to collect them all! It was very exciting.

Also, since I am a doctoral student, my books are not due until the end of the freakin' semester, which kind of blew my mind. Overall I am pretty psyched about the library situation, thus further proving, were it necessary, that I am a nerd.


Sally said...

Having the semester-long check out on books as a grad student is nice. At my library, they also do not charge late fees, so basically you can keep them forever unless somebody else puts a hold on them (at least, I assume a hold would mean you have to take it back, but I'm not sure how/if that's true nor how it would be enforced, short of blocking you from checking out other books).

Lee Ryan said...

Book lust is a real problem for me. Walking amongst the shelves of texts is like mainlining pure nerdy eroticism. It's hard for me to resist the urge to hurl all the volumes down off the stacks and roll around with them on the floor.

now I'm sweating.

Ok - maybe a slight exaggeration. Libraries are a very very very very good thing. So few people seem to appreciate them any more.

Tam said...

That's cool, Sally. At my school, we do get charged a fine, which is something like $0.25/day normally, but $2/day if the book is on hold. And if someone puts a request in for a book that I have, it shortens my lease on the book to 3 weeks from when I first got it or right now, whichever is soonest. I don't know if there is any grace period for returning it at that point.