Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stand By Me

There is a movie theater here in town where they have a "retro movie" (projected from a blu-ray or dvd) every Saturday night at midnight. It's a tradition that a bunch of us go see this movie every week for $5. (Nobody goes every single week, I guess, but we all go as we see fit.)

Last night's offering was "Stand By Me." I thought I had never seen it before, though I remember when it came out, which I think was middle school for me. I remember the song being really big on the radio around then, I think. There was also a scene in the movie that was completely familiar - the one with the leeches. Maybe I saw part of the movie on TV one time or something.

I was very surprised to see a pre-pubescent Wil Wheaton as the main character. He was pretty good.

There was also this blond boy in the movie, who was the best friend. Even though he was pretty rough-looking in the movie, he was so beautiful that I couldn't keep my eyes off him whenever he was on screen. I was really eager to see the credits to find out his name, whether he acted when he grew up, whether he was as attractive as an adult, etc.

Then the credits: River Phoenix.


See, when I was but a young lass, a freshman in high school, so about 14 years old, my best friend Susan had a poster of River Phoenix on one wall of her bedroom, and one of Johnny Depp on the other. I remember sleeping over at her house, lying on sleeping bags on the floor, and talking about fine they were, and which one we liked better. We both liked River Phoenix better. He was pretty much the finest guy I could imagine. (Ultimately, I said she could have River Phoenix and I would take Johnny Depp, since they were her posters, after all.)

Sally and I were talking lately about the fact that I don't really have an anti-type (vs. Sally, who for instance doesn't like men who look have that Jesus look with long hair and sandals), and Drew has been wondering what my type is, which I agree is hard to pin down. But I'll tell you that when I was in high school, River Phoenix was my type. (When Cary Elwes came along, he was right up there as well. Dreamy.)

River Phoenix died the year after I graduated from high school. I wonder if he would have stayed crazy hot or gone more of a Leonardo DiCaprio route. This picture is chosen to best reflect what I think I would have found hottest as a youth, although to be honest this still makes me catch my breath a little:

Bonus Cary Elwes:


Sally said...

I suspect that River Phoenix had that kind of hotness that is all caught up with youthful slender beauty - sort of like Cary Elwes, in fact, who is no longer a heart-throb like he was in the Princess Pride era, nor particularly outstandingly attractive at all (by insane Hollywood standards, of course).

Sally said...

Sorry, Princess Pride was a movie starring David Bowie in an alternate universe.

Tam said...

I suspect you might be right (about River Phoenix). Leonardo DiCaprio had a similar slender pretty boy look and hasn't grown up into a hottie, at least to my tastes.

I'm thinking the slender young bad boy might be my type.

Susan said...

Sally, you were close. Carey Elwes was in The Princess Bride.