Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bad Week

I usually post cheerful things, but not today. I'm not sure whether to organize this post by subject or by calendar, but let me start by subject.


We had an in-class midterm Thursday morning. I left 3 out of the 5 questions completely blank. This exam also has a take-home portion, originally due Tuesday but now technically due Thursday. I have answered three of the questions so far and I have worked several hours on each of the other two questions with no results.

One of those two was originally wrong, which I pointed out to our professor (gingerly, since I am usually mistaken about such things), and so he fixed it (hence the new due date). The new question is similar to a question we had in our last homework which I couldn't answer then, either. I can get 10 bonus points for turning in a counterexample to the original statement, which I have written up.

So basically I am up to 60/100 points for this exam, and the maximum I can get (considering the lost points from the in-class part) is 80/100. I have no reason to believe that low scores are OK in this class and I think most people will be able to get the problems I couldn't get.


We had an in-class exam Friday afternoon. I wrote correct (I believe) answers for 2.5 out of 5 problems, and a woefully incomplete answer for 1/2 of another problem. I'm expecting around a 50% on this exam. We also have an assignment due Thursday which I haven't even looked at.


I would have had a meeting with my professor for this reading course on Thursday, but I asked him to postpone it, so we meet tomorrow morning instead. I have four assigned problems this week, of which I have completed 1.5. There is another question that I can tell is extremely easy but I can't find the math to express the question and so I can't possibly give an answer. I haven't even looked at the fourth question.

Normally we would meet again on Thursday by which time I would have read another section of our book and answered the questions for that section, but I can't see that happening at all. I have no idea how much of this the professor will tolerate; he doesn't have a particularly tolerant demeanor.

So basically I feel completely doomed right now. Everything I work on turns to shit. I should note that, unlike in most of my life so far, I am not in this position as a result of slacking off. I've been working hard the entire semester. I studied for both exams and felt reasonably well-prepared for each one. I've taken about three Sundays off this entire semester.

Anyway, that's my life at the moment.

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Debbie said...


Especially the not actually slacking part not working. It reminds me of the first time I quit moving and still lost friends--when I wasn't even moving away. Not fair!

Once I was having real trouble on something like the 10th of 12 lessons in a math correspondence course, and I asked the instructor if anyone ever got this far and couldn't finish. I was assured that this never ever happened. And, in fact, I was able to finish the course after all. So, I like to think you're in a similar low spot, and things are about to get better.

You are studying with classmates, right? That's supposed to be a big help in, well, calculus classes, anyway.

Good luck, hang in there, and take care of yourself so your brain can work as well as possible. I'm rooting for you.