Thursday, July 06, 2006

Super Quick and Easy Dinner

I had a large lunch today (at a Mexican restaurant), so when I got home I wanted to have a small dinner. I also wanted something easy to make. So I made something new that turned out to be extremely tasty and also very easy.

I thought I had a fresh bag of broccoli/cauliflower/carrot mix in the fridge, but it was bad already (no wonder; apparently I bought it in mid June), so I started by cooking up 4 cups of "Normandy Blend" frozen vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, yellow squash - sorry, Momm, it only gets worse later - and zucchini).

When those were done, I stirred in a tablespoon of olive oil (I would use less next time, but I wanted to make sure it was palatable), a 3-oz packet of salmon (one of those new-fangled metal packets), and half an ounce of parmesan. I stirred that in the pot until it was all warm.

It was 370 calories and delicious! And pretty healthy, albeit high in (healthy) fat. Also it was hugely volumetric.

Speaking of those salmon packets, they are really great. The salmon is wild and not farmed, which is preferable for environmental reasons, and the packets are about $1 for 3 cooked ounces (at least at Wal-Mart), which works out to be equivalent to $4/lb if you bought it fresh, which is a fabulous price for wild salmon. Of course, you can't make steaks with it, or throw it on the grill, or use it for sushi, etc., but if you're eating salmon for health and convenience, it's a great value.


sally said...

I'm not familiar with the salmon packets; sounds worth checking out as an alternative to canned tuna.

Tam said...

They're exactly like the similar packets of tuna that they sell nowadays. They're more or less just like the canned salmon or tuna, only without the draining. They are supposed to seem fresher, but I haven't noticed any difference in that way. (No bones in the salmon, of course, but you can get boneless canned stuff too.)