Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Week 10 Update

Is it a bad sign that I had to calculate from an old post what week I'm on of my 15-Week Plan?


I haven't totally blown it or anything, but I'm not doing that well either. I seem to be hungry more than I should be (I had a few weeks there where I had no troublesome appetite), and I seem to be stuck on a Doritos kick. (Oddly, I only like Doritos when I am dieting. I much prefer other types of snacks under other circumstances.) Plus I keep eating Twix bars. Crazy stuff.

So overall I have lost about 6 pounds, which is not terrible. My coworker and I went to Weight Watchers today, after skipping the past 3 weeks, and I was the same weight as 4 weeks ago, which is...well, under the circumstances, pretty good, I guess?

Anyway, this has been the most boring post ever, but I thought I should at least post something about it.


sally said...

It's weird how you can start to crave something when dieting that otherwise wouldn't particularly attract you. Dry cereal (esp. Cheerios and Chex) is my own strange craving; I guess it's the fact that they're crunchy and sort of bland and they last a long time. Obviously, I would much rather eat a bread pudding, peach cobbler, or chocolate brownie the size of my head, but those things are so out of bounds (and not easily available, unlike Robert's breakfast cereal) that I don't find myself in any danger of eating them. But I've been successfully avoiding dry cereal snacking of late; I feel like a person in one of those stop-smoking ads who is holding a sign with a number on it that represents how many days they've been smoke-free, or perhaps even more ridiculously like I should have a sign outside my door that indicates the number of days since the last dry cereal snacking incident (cf a factory sign declaring how long it's been since the last industrial accident).

Tam's momm said...

When I first gave up meat in 1989 I used to dream about eating hamburgers and fried chicken and steak. I always felt guilty in the dream about eating the stuff. In 1989 there were few meat alternatives that tasted like the real thing. This isn't a problem now. I just finished a 5 day juice fast and would daydream about all the food I would eat after the fast was over. Of course I haven't eaten all that much and have stayed on my diet mostly. OK, the truth is I ate a Benjy's last night. I had sesame crusted agadashi with shitake mushrooms in an orange chili sauce served over a bed of rice cooked in truffle oil with baby bok choy and fresh sliced ginger. I brought enough home for 2 more meals.