Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Today we are supposed to have a high of 19°, with windchills below 10° or something crazy like that. Brrr! (But even though they said a high of 19°, it's currently 22°, so go figure.)

It has been super warm lately - warm enough for t-shirts during the day. Yesterday it started snowing, and snowed all night. Fortunately, my car cooled down before most of the snow fell, so the only ice was on the hood where I didn't need to scrape it off. I cleared the snow off the rest of the car using the child-sized plastic snow shovel we keep in the car. It was faster than using the telescoping brush/scraper that we also keep in the car.

It's still snowing. The low tonight is supposed to be 1° or something. And I'm supposed to go to classes tonight! (I usually walk, but maybe I'll drive.)


Tam's momm said...

It's supposed to be in the 80's here tomorrow and then drop to the 40's by lunch with strong winds and a wind chill factor in the 20's for Thursday night. I'm having my heater fixed this afternoon. I tried living without it but it's just too cold in this old house.

Tam said...

But I was there for days, and I didn't even have to pull out my long johns or nothin'!

sally said...

ARGH...Blogger ate my comment! In short, we're having the cold front too and I have only used a heater twice since I've lived in Austin (and then, only because Robert didn't yet have his electric blanket to deliver individual-level warmth) because it doesn't get cold enough in apartment buildings.

Tam's momm said...

My house was 55 degrees a few weeks ago. It was too cold except at night when the dogs joined me in bed under lots of covers. Apts. stay much nicer (warmer) than houses built up off the ground.