Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving Feast

I have to admit, when my mom said we were cooking for Thanksgiving, I was a little apprehensive. I've never been part of making a meal with a bunch of parts. But it was fun, and we ended up with quite a feast.

We made these things ourselves:

broccoli-cheese-rice casserole
green bean casserole
a baked cauliflower dish with a lot of delicious cream, topped in buttery breadcrumbs - yum!

in addition, from Whole Foods, we had

dressing (of course!)
mushroom gravy
mashed potatoes
roasted brussels sprouts

There were also rolls & butter, and, for dessert (hours later), an assortment of tiny cheesecakes.

"But wait? What about the turkey?" For our ritual poultry, we had Quorn Chik'n Cutlets (like a fried chicken breast, but made of quorn, which is a vegetarian protein source). I know the idea of vegetarian meats makes some people nervous, but whenever you see them served up as a fried thing, you can be pretty sure they'll be delicious, and these quorn chick'n things were no different. Plain, they would be a fine substitute for a frozen breaded chicken breast, and with dressing and mushroom gravy, they were just great.

All in all, the whole thing was very easy to put together, and we had fun. And also enough food for about 10 people. Yum!


Tam's momm said...

It really was a yummy feast and I had fun in the kitchen with Tam who has learned a lot about cooking since we lived together. I also set the table with the good china and crystal. The pups were happy too because they finished off several plates of food. We finally ate the last of it on Sunday (me and the dogs)
I'm planning an Italian themed Christmas feast.

sally said...

Fungi-based protein in a yummy looking fried faux-chicken patty? I had no idea that's what Quorn was. I've got to try that sometime.

Your feast sounded really wonderfully decadent and evil (though not in that animal-killer evil kind of way).

Tam's momm said...

Quorn really is good. They have a chicken patty with cheese on top coated in yummy breadcrumbs. I think it would make a great chicken Parmesan if a little tomato sauce was added. The quorn turkey roast is a little dry. Quorn lasagna is great. Tastes like real meat.