Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Fourth

Ed and I spent yesterday at his parents' house in Longmont. When it got dark around 9:15, we saw a lot of neighborhood fireworks, plus the fireworks at the county fairgrounds some miles away. We all sat out in the street in lawnchairs. It was suburban in the best sense.

I enjoyed seeing the family again, and I was more relaxed this time. Ed's mom (Jean) was feeling better than last time and we got to spend some time together fixing up her cell phone and installing some software on her computer. She told me that last time she had had the aunts interrogate me since she wasn't feeling too great.

"Did you get some good intelligence?" I asked.

"Yeah!" she said.

Ed's dad (Ed) sat with me and Ed for the fireworks and we joked together quite a lot. After arguing about who was whose straight man, the general pattern seemed to be that he would set up the jokes and I would knock them down. Ed bore the brunt of most of it.

We also had another fabulous dinner with two kinds of pork loin (cooked on the grill), three kinds of potato salad, cole slaw, corn, and two kinds of garlic bread. It was feast-like. I had milk with my dinner, which is uncommon for me but seems to be a regular thing in their household.

I think they like me OK.


Sally said...

Let's talk about the really important aspect of this post - the three kinds of potato salad. Were they three distinct varieties or three variations on a standard potato salad theme? I can only think of basically two different kinds - the normal American potato salad and hot German potato salad (which is nasty btw).

Tam said...

I know of two kinds of American potato salad - mustard-based and mayo-based - but this was a simpler thing.

The potato salad they made was basically mayo-based (I think) but it had some cheese in it too. It also had a lot of boiled egg in it, plus olives.

Ed's dad will only eat egg whites, not the yolks, so they made a version with only the whites for him.

Ed's mom will not eat olives, so they put some of the regular kind aside and then (as it turns out) picked the olives out of that batch. (She laughed and was embarrassed and said she was prepared to have picked out the olives herself!)

I ate the with-yolks, olive-free variety myself. It was much better than potato salad usually is.