Thursday, July 05, 2007

You're Dethpicable!

Came across this classic Bugs Bunny cartoon ("Rabbit Seasoning") on Andrew Sullivan this morning.

some features:
  • massive cartoonlike violence that would probably not be aired on network TV today
  • the early part: a new marketing suggestion for Texas Parks & Wildlife?
  • Bugs Bunny: master of rhetoric
  • Bugs Bunny in drag
  • Bugs' seductive accent is a southern drawl...I wonder how many men do find that sexy?


Sally said...

I loved the Burma Shave styled signs at the beginning. And of course, every day is rabbit season!

"Pronoun trouble" - yeah, I've been there a time or two myself.

Jason Galbraith said...

I really don't find a southern accent sexy. None of the women I really loved had a pronounced one.

As for the violence in this cartoon, it's so clearly absurd and unlike real violence. You suggest that it wouldn't make it onto network TV today, and I think I agree. It's not that standards have changed; it's that we're not supposed to laugh at it today.