Friday, December 28, 2007


Mosch and I saw Juno last night - a movie about a smart, quirky teenager who gets pregnant. I thought it was pretty fabulous, with consistently smart dialogue, unexpected humor, and a lot of warmth.

At first, I was concerned that the main character (played by Ellen Page) was going to just be too much - too amazingly quirky and cool in a way that even the best high school kids aren't. Instead, I really bought into the character and fell in love with her almost immediately. And I loved Michael Cera here (similar to how I loved him in Superbad). All of the characters were great, actually.

There are times when you think the movie is going to take potshots at easy targets (yuppies, for instance) doesn't quite, or it does so only gently.

Ultimately, the movie is very cool, but not too cool. It's clever but not in love with cleverness. It doesn't idolize coolness or cleverness above other qualities.

Go see this movie, or put it on your Netflix queue.

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Jason Galbraith said...

I'm glad you liked this movie. I'm equally glad that it won Best Original Screenplay at the Oscars. It has turned me into a big Ellen Page fan -- I watched "X-Men: The Last Stand" recently and noticed for the first time that she plays Kitty Pryde (the one who can go through walls). Thank you for reminding me to check this blog.