Friday, January 11, 2008

Electoral Compass

This was pretty fun. Here's how I came out:

A note: I answered the questions in a way that would achieve the political outcome I wanted. For instance, when asked whether the federal government is responsible for providing people with a retirement outcome, my truthful answer is, "No, but I think it's a good idea," and thus I answered yes. In a simple quiz like this, I try not to let the framing of a question deter me from answering its intent. (However, sometimes that's impossible. The death penalty question asked whether I thought the death penalty dettered crime. Well, I'm against it, but I do think it deters crime. I answered truthfully.)


Sally said...

I came up equally socially progressive and about two times as far on the economic right as you were on the economic left.

rvman said...

I left a hole in Ron Paul's shoulder. Apparently my disagreements with him on social issues 'offset' each other.

cartaufalous said...

I'm almost all the way to the right, and just below the center line! Who'd a thunk. "You are closest to Rudy Giuliani. You are furthest from Barack Obama". I'm still voting for Ron Paul though.