Monday, March 17, 2008

Next Semester

Today, the course schedule for next fall was released. It's always exciting for me, picking out the next semester's classes.

There are three classes I still need to take:

Principles of Programming Languages
Linear Algebra
Probability & Statistics OR Abstract Algebra

I should note that I eventually intend to take both Prob & Stats and Abstract Algebra, so it's not really that important which one I take now. But in any case, here is when the classes are available this fall (TR = Tuesday/Thursday, MW = Monday/Wednesday):

Principles of Programming Languages
TR 1:00-300

Prob & Stats
TR 11:00-1:00
MW 7:00-9:00 (PM)

Linear Algebra
TR 1:00-3:00
MW 5:00-7:00 (PM)

Abstract Algebra
TR 7:00-8:15 (PM)

I try really hard to avoid taking classes during the day. I also try, though much less hard, to get Tuesday/Thursday classes rather than Monday/Wednesday ones.

It's pretty clear that the obvious choice of two classes from this list is Linear Algebra and Prob & Stats on Monday and Wednesday nights. That puts them in a solid block from 5-9, which is similar to the schedule I started this semester with (though I have Tuesday/Thursdays instead).

My fear is that the same professor will be teaching linear algebra again. I really don't want to take it from him. It's still "TBA" right now. But if he teaches it at night two semesters in a row, then there's no reason to think he won't do it next Spring too, so there's kind of no point in skipping it for that reason.

This is a lot of hours. It's possible I could instead take Prob & Stats and Abstract Algebra. I'd have class four nights a week, and having a single class at 7PM two days a week is not that great, but I could use the time before class to do homework. And it would be 7 rather than 8 credit hours.

But linear algebra, unlike either of the other two maths, is non-negotiable, so leaving it for Spring of '09 would mean I'd have to take it at that point. As things stand now, the only class I'll actually have to take next Spring is Principles of Programming Languages.

I guess we'll see next semester if I can really get through those two courses. At least the first half or so of linear should be easy the second time through.


Jason Galbraith said...

So you will actually be graduating spring of next year? See you then, I hope!

Sally said...

Linear algebra and prob stat will match my math classes from this semester. I wish I could send Max to you as a substitute for Dr Boring.