Monday, May 05, 2008

Lovey Dovey

Sally is coming to visit me for Memorial Day weekend, three weeks from now, which is very exciting. She'll finally get to meet Ed, who I started dating just shortly after her last visit here. We drove practically right by his old apartment last time, but it didn't seem right to introduce them. Both of them have (rightfully) given me crap for this ever since.

Meanwhile, sometime around Sally's visit is our one-year anniversary. It's hard to believe that it's been nearly a year since we started this goofy experiment. The time has been well spent.

Overall, the relationship is just great. Sometimes when Ed is stressed, or I'm just weird, things get worse between us, a bit, and I start to wonder what the hell I'm doing here, but then we get some time together, talk, have sex, cry, or whatever, and things are fantastic again. I'm crazy in love with him and it seems to be mutual.

So, yeah, life is good.


Sally said...

Having Ed and me meet at this point is going to be interesting, because the experience will be so mediated by everything we know about each other through the filter of Tam. Of course, I am expecting quite a bit of "He (she) is just like you said!" anyway.

Tam said...

It's interesting and hard to predict. I think I tend to make you sound a bit larger than life, but I'm not sure how Ed interprets it. I know he's been excited about meeting you for a while now.

I don't really know what you'll think of him. Given your reasonably high tolerance of nerdy goofballs, and the fact that he is in some ways very charming and funny, I don't know any reason why you wouldn't like him.

I'm excited :-)

(And, hey, at least I didn't set you guys up by telling you that you're "exactly alike.")