Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cooking Experiment

not my actual cookingFor the past few months, Ed and I have been trying to make and eat dinner together more. We've stuck pretty well to our original goal of having me cook for us twice a week and him once a week. A meal is typically weekday dinner or weekend brunch, and we try (and have so far managed) to include protein, vegetables (and/or fruits), and some kind of starch. I often include a whole grain when it is my turn. (I did not make the meal in this picture, but it looks like my type of thing.)

Last night, for instance, I made boneless pork chops (broiled in the oven), brown basmati rice (plain, but cooked with salt and butter), and asparagus (sauteed in a pan with olive oil, crushed red pepper, and garlic). It made a very pretty meal, actually, and the asparagus was pleasingly spicy.

Here is what I have learned so far:
  • I much prefer cooking for the two of us to making my own dinner, even though when I cook for just myself it is much easier (because I don't make such elaborate things).
  • I actually really enjoy making dinner for us.
  • I prefer cooking several things to making a one-pot dish. I am especially fond of the protein/starch/vegetable trio, often with a very plain vegetable.
  • Any kind of fish can be cooked with oil and butter in a pan and come out delicious.
  • Excluding (bizarrely) restaurant food, I view food cooked by other people with suspicion and distrust.
  • I like to control what we have for dinner.
It's been really exciting to learn that I can pretty easily make a variety of reasonably healthy meals, and that I enjoy doing so.

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Sally said...

In contrast, I have learned that I could pretty much never cook another meal ever again and that would be OK with me. (Where "cook" is anything more complicated than instant oatmeal or heating up a frozen dinner.)