Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ed's New Job

Ed starts his first post-college job next week - a regular corporate office job. It will actually be a 3-month internship, at the close of which he will hopefully be hired as a permanent employee.

It's kind of an exciting time. He's never had a corporate job before and I'm looking forward to him having a working experience similar to mine. I feel like he doesn't really understand what working in this type of job is like, though all types of work have their ups and downs, and I certainly don't know what trying to write a thesis is like (though I think I would suck at it).

It'll also be challenging for us. Our relationship goes more smoothly when I'm not in school, when Ed is not stressed, when things are...easy. And having your first full-time office job is not easy. Being unemployed is stressful but also easy in terms of having plenty of time for rest and recreation.

But overall it's exciting. I hope Ed has a great time doing a kind of work where, when you come home at night, you're done. I don't think he's ever had that luxury. And just...all the various aspects of working life. (Oh. And they pay you. That's good too.)

Bring it on!

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Sally said...

Getting the "real" grown-up paycheck is the bomb. Good luck, Ed!