Friday, December 18, 2009

Netflix to Blockbuster

I've had a Netflix subscription for several years now, but I've never gotten as much out of it as I could. It's very hard for me to mail movies away, since I can't get anything right away. And then when I do want a movie, I can't have it right now. I probably watch 4 or 6 movies a year from Netflix, which is ridiculous considering that I could buy a couple of DVDs every month for what I pay them.

Lately we rent a lot at Blockbuster. (By "a lot" I mean once or twice a month.) That's very convenient and nice, except that I never take the movies back, so I end up owning them. They are only $10 or $12 each, so it's not that expensive, but...still.

So, I have cancelled Netflix (and I give them major props for letting you do this on the website; so many services make you call them) and opened an account with Blockbuster online. What I got, for $12/month, is 1 DVD at a time by mail, and up to 5 in-store exchanges per month. This means that for less than the cost of one rental (when you figure in the high probability that I will never return the movie), we can just go to Blockbuster any time and switch out our movie. Or we can get one by mail if we want one that isn't available locally.

I'm pretty happy with this decision.

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