Sunday, October 09, 2011


This morning I hit a new low weight. Overall I've lost 22 pounds since early May, which is pretty awesome. And today is my 7th day of largely eschewing grains and legumes and of keeping my carbohydrate intake between 50 and 100 grams per day.

So what am I eating?

Yesterday I had a fajita chicken salad (w/ cheese, sour cream, and guac) for breakfast, eggs with turnip greens and cheese for lunch, and chicken tikka masala at a restaurant for dinner. I was trepidatious about eating chicken tikka masala without rice or naan. Frankly, it seems a little insane. But I managed it and it was still extremely delicious (though I did crave the naan and rice that were on the table, so that was a little uncomfortable).

Today I got up early, worked for three hours, and then made myself a breakfast of scrambled eggs mixed with tri-color peppers (from frozen), a big chicken sausage link (cut up), and cheese. I cooked this in ghee (clarified butter) and it was extremely delicious.

It's no longer the case that I don't get hungry. I do get hungry. But the hunger is like the hunger of my childhood - it doesn't really interfere with activities. You think "Where's dinner?" but then you can happily go run around some more in the meantime. It's not urgent. (More precisely, it feels urgent, but only intermittently.) I really like this change.

There has been one more change. Before I started losing weight in May, I was taking 150mg of ranitidine for heartburn twice a day - so, 300mg per day total. Eating smaller meals to reduce calories let me drop that to 1 pill per day, so in half. Then I bought some smaller ranitidine pills (75mg each) and was taking two of those a day. Now I am taking at most one of those per day, and some days I don't need any at all. I would love (so much) to stop using heartburn medication, and it seems within reach. Yesterday I didn't take any, not even a single Tums, which is amazing considering all of the spicy, fatty things I ate, which are usually exactly the things to cause heartburn.

Other than the changes to hunger and acid reflux, and the accelerated weight loss, I haven't noticed any changes. I feel good, happy, etc. Most of my meals are very satisfying due to the high fat content. It is sometimes tricky to figure out what to eat, but I've always tended to obsess over what I was eating next anyway, so this has just channeled that into a different direction.

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