Thursday, October 20, 2011

Current Diet Protocols

These are the dietary rules under which I currently (try to) live.

Don't Eat
Seed oils (corn, cottonseed, soybean, canola, etc.)
Restaurant meals & fast food

Eat freely
Meat (any non-processed kind)
Non-starchy vegetables
Non-starchy fruits (berries, apples, etc.)
Full-fat solid dairy products (cheese, butter, yogurt, etc.)
Coconut oil, olive oil, animal fats

Eat in moderation
Very dark chocolate
Starchy vegetables (potatoes, etc.)
Starchy fruits (bananas, etc.)
Whole milk

I am OK with eating some of the "don't eat" items a couple of times a week in order to eat at restaurants with friends. Other than that, I am trying to make my food at home and keep it relatively simple.


Sally said...

I am really impressed with how you've kept up with this (and how much of a calorie deficit you seem to build up without hunger).

Curious why whole milk is in moderation but other dairy is eat freely.

Tam said...

It's just the standard concern with liquid calories. Also, very dark chocolate is much more delicious if you have it with milk, which reflects the fact that milk tempts me to invent new exciting foods (e.g., smoothies).

Tam said...

I should probably have included artificial sweeteners under "Don't Eat." But I gave those up a few years ago.