Monday, September 11, 2006

Blogs That Never Update

You may be surprised to hear this, but even I, author of a blog that never updates, become increasingly irritated at other blogs that don't have new posts. Eventually I will just remove them from my favorites.

Drew of toothpaste for dinner has an excellent blog post about this phenomenon. It also explains, right away, why my mom does not have a blog. Something about arm dogs.

One of the best things about Note of the Living Deb (which I always misremember as "Site of the Living Deb") is that she posts every single day (except during the occasional vacation or something, but usually even then). Way to go, Deb! It's really nice not pointlessly checking someone's blog all the time.


sally said...

That was great.

If non-updated web sites is the #1 annoyance among Americans and the post office holiday schedule is #4, any ideas on annoyances #2 and #3? Extraneous stop signs? Toilet lids that do not magically orient themselves as you want them when you enter the bathroom? The incongruity in the number of hot dogs and hot dog buns to a package?

This reminds me of an annoyance of mine that has been overcome, in a limited way, with no effort on my part. (Yes, I know I'm going to sound kind of like Pat here; live with it.) I hate the way that spices and herbs come in bottles with two lids - the primary outer lid and then an inner lid with holes for shaking - because when you want to spoon out the herbs, you have to remove the flat hole lid by popping it off with a fingernail or knife (or, I suppose, any sufficiently thin rigid thing). Sometimes it's hard to do this; always it's a stupid chore. But I bought some Supr-Cheep-N-Flayvrfull herb mix ("Italian seasoning") at Wal-Mart that comes with a clever single-lid design: you screw off the lid to get at the contents with a spoon or open the lid at the hinge to use shaker holes.

I want to leave the designer of this lid $100 in my will.

Tam's momm said...

I love the pug. I can't use my computer at home because of Rosie. If she's on the floor she whines like when we tried to play Monopoly and Scrabble Tam. She doesn't sit still in my lap either. She needs to walk around on me. This makes it difficult to drive with her too.
I hate squeezable ketchup bottles because they put a little piece of paper over the opening and then put the lid over that. I forget about it and squeeze and squeeze wondering why nothing comes out. The back pages of the Thresher who do something with that last sentence.