Monday, September 11, 2006

"Rsch Case-Based Reasng Web App"

Since I might as well work for credits in addition to money, I signed up for independent study credits in conjunction with my CREU grant project. Dr. Paul and I got the form filled out and submitted just right before (literally the day before) the census date for the college, which is the last date you can register for anything, and by the day after census it had not appeared in my online registration info, so I thought it might not have actually been processed in time, but apparently it was, because I just had to pay $200 for the 2 credits and now I have the course title above in my unofficial transcript.

image of my unofficial transcript
I just feel sorry for the person in the registrar's office who had to figure out how to abbreviate our original (very long) course title.

If you want to know more about our project, it has its own blog here: No funny comments over there, please :-) It's a shared blog with Olga and Dr. Paul, though the only post (as of today) is by me.


sally said...

The name Diatrack cracks me up. I mean, it really does sound like a product name, which is good, but also brings to mind something sold on TV with testimonials from happy customers about how Diatrack changed their lives. (I do understand that Diatrack is for medical personnel use and is not a product you would be pitching to the average consumer.)

OK, it was too good not to google; I found that there is a product called DiaTrack in existence - particle tracking software from Semasopht. Just thought I'd mention it.

tam's momm said...

Semasopht is pretty funny too.