Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Generic Diary-Type Post

My life isn't boring, but lately it hasn't been such as to give rise to good blog posts either.

Last night, I had my first test in Calc 3. Barring any uncaught arithmetic errors (or conceptual errors - less likely because I probably would have thought of them by now), I should have aced it. I was reasonably well-prepared and the test was pretty straightforward and didn't ask any of the really tricky types of things.

Tomorrow night, I have my first test in Proofs. This is seriously a pretty fearsome class, which I didn't expect, and by tomorrow I need to have simply learned some proofs I don't currently know and probably can't make up on my own, like a proof of the Mean Value Theorem. I also have a giant homework assignment due, of which I have done 9 pages, which I estimate represents about 30% of the total, and which took me several hours to complete. I'm thinking the rest won't be finished by tomorrow.

In addition to doing crazy amounts of homework this weekend, I also cooked crazy amounts of food. I made a tofu stir-fry, similar to last week's but with plain old cabbage instead of bok choy. I made another bean salad, half as large as last week's but with proportionately more avocado. I made a vegetable dish of black-eyed peas with spinach and onions, using frozen spinach since fresh spinach is currently unavailable. And I made a recipe from my WW cookbook called "Indian Lentil & Vegetable Stew," which involved (accidentally) burning some mustard seeds & hot peppers and filling the house with toxic smoke, but which came out pretty tasty in spite of it all. (I may post a picture of this concoction later. It definitely doesn't look like something a person should eat.)

I have no future plans other than to try to prepare for my Proofs test and continue surviving the week.

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