Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Finished My Round-Trip Project

My project for my software engineering class for the past five days was to use three technologies (Apache, PHP, and MySQL) to make a webpage that would take data from a form, store it in a database, and another webpage that would read it from the database and display it. This "round trip" is a part of the technical backbone for our group project.

I worked hard on this all weekend, got most of it done by Sunday night, and finished up the rest last night. It took me a lot of work and many parts of it were pretty fiddly, so I feel like a super stud for getting it to work.

Since the purpose of my work was to make this process faster and easier for the rest of the group (which consists of the entire class; there are only 5 of us), I also wrote up a 9-page document with installation instructions, tips, the code that I used, and screenshots of the web pages. I'll bring copies of that to class tonight.

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