Sunday, April 19, 2009

Paper Draft Complete!

Yesterday was a snow day, and I had no work to do at home, so after lunch I sat down to try to start writing my paper on Laguerre planes (due in three weeks). I was hoping to get in two or three hours of solid work, because I've noticed I can't focus on this stuff for very long in one sitting.

I spent a while going over another of the references I have, and then started to write.

And was completely unable to stop.

I put in a good 10 hours of writing. Apparently I had accumulated so much Laguerre plane material, and so many ideas, that I just could not stop until I got most of it out on paper. And, of course, a fair bit of my day was spent fiddling with LaTex (the editor I'm using) as well, but I was patient and also chose my battles carefully.

Tonight I was able to get the first draft completely finished. With the caveat that it's typical to be dazzled by even one's most mediocre work immediately after finishing it, I will say I am really impressed by my own paper. I wasn't sure I could write a math paper at all, and here I've written one that I think is pretty cool. It's not original work (and wasn't supposed to be), but it's quite nice and I was able to include some nice proofs that I worked out for myself.

The paper is supposed to be 5 pages, single spaced, 12 point font, not counting figures. My draft is 8 pages long, about 6 pages without figures. So it's definitely long enough (and, if it weren't, there are all kinds of more things I could put in right this very minute.)

I wrote the paper with an audience of my fellow students in mind, though I'm sure none will read it. (I think the professor said he's going to post them for everyone to see, so they technically could; I just don't think they will choose to.) Hopefully this means that when I find the paper in my files in a few years I'll be able to understand it.

Anyway, way to go me!

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