Friday, April 24, 2009

Project Excitement

Lectures are all finished in my Geometry class. Starting Monday, for the next two weeks it will all be project presentations. We each have to give a 20-minute (specifically, 18- to 22-minute) presentation on our project. (There are twelve of us, so this is possible.) I go a week from Monday.

In addition to having us present them, the prof intends to post our papers to the course website. We will also fill out evaluations on all of the presentations, which he will compile into a comments sheet for the author, and use as part of the basis of the presentation grade, since the presentation is supposed to be for each other and not for him. And he says he will put some questions on the final pertaining to some of the projects.

I find all of this pretty exciting. I have to admit, I'm not completely looking forward to sitting through eleven presentations, but I can't wait to look at other people's papers (at least, the best and worst of them). And I'm glad that the stakes on this assignment are kind of high, in that other people will see your work and get to give input about whether your presentation was a waste of their time.

Meanwhile, I have to figure out how I want to reconfigure my own paper, which is still in draft form. And, of course, I have to decide what I want to present and how to present it. It feels very tricky to come up with a presentation that is only boring or incomprehensible rather than both boring and incomprehensible.

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