Saturday, April 11, 2009

Smooth Move

This morning, Ed and I went on a hike at Red Rocks. As we were leaving the house, I couldn't find my keys. Now this may sound commonplace, but it's not; I really don't misplace my keys. They should have been either on their hook or in my bag, and they weren't. I looked around all of the other obvious places, and they were not to be found.

I knew Ed had let us in the front door the previous night, so I thought perhaps I had left my keys in the car. That's conceivable - I was bringing a lot of things up. So I suggested we could go down to the car and see if they were there and, if not, I could borrow his car key and find my keys at home later.

They were on the hood of the car.

I left my keys, including my car key, overnight, on the hood of my goddamn car. And they were still there in the morning.

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