Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Animal Cracker Whim

I'm eating some animal crackers here at my desk, and I mentally made a joke about animal crackers and vegetarians. Then I suddenly wanted to google "Can vegetarians eat animal crackers?" - not to find out the answer, obviously, but to see if this is a common joke/question and where/how it might be answered.

It turns out that, typing "can vegetarians eat" into my little Google search box, the fourth suggestion is "can vegetarians eat animal crackers." So apparently the fourth most common ending for that question is, in fact, animal crackers. (It's right after fish, eggs, and chicken.)

I found that far more amusing than the actual search results. Apparently I am not the only one who types smart-ass questions into Google.


Sally said...

But would your multi-ethnic great-grandmother recognize animal crackers?

rvman said...

Sure. Neglecting that she may have even seen Animal Crackers in 1930, they have existed in the US in their current form since 1871, and the package (the cage-decorated box with the strap for carrying) and logo haven't changed since 1902.

Tam said...

Two of my great-grandmothers died around 1985, so we can assume they at least saw animal crackers, even aside from Robert's enlightening info.