Thursday, September 24, 2009

GPA Fun Facts

I dug up my Rice transcript to make some GPA calculations, and now I will share my findings with you. First, for your entertainment, here is my Rice transcript itself:

So, my GPA from Rice, calculated on a simple A/B/C/D/F scale (no pluses or minuses taken into account), was a 1.84. I also took a couple of classes at HCC, both for A's, so I have a 4.0 GPA there.

My current GPA at Metro is 3.48. Assuming I earn an A in both classes this semester, it will be a 3.65, and the highest I can graduate with under current plans is a 3.66, which is not too bad.

Combined, my GPA from Rice, HCC, and Metro put together is about a 2.89, and could be as high as 3.03 when I graduate next semester. Considering how badly I flunked out of Rice (see transcript above), that's not bad.

Some of the alternative teacher certification programs I've been looking at also care about the last 60 hours of courses, and my GPA for that will be 3.80 assuming I get all A's for remaining courses, and 3.61 if I were to get all B's. (Getting all A's in remaining courses is very likely, and it's vanishingly unlikely that I would do worse than all B's.) That is easily high enough for these types of programs.

Considering all of my colleges, my GPA in Math courses is 3.52 if I get all A's for remaining courses, and 3.26 if I were to get all B's.

My GPA in Metro Math courses will range from to 3.56 to 3.89. I will graduate, under current plans, with a total of 43 hours in math (wow). (Had I taken the same courses at a school like Rice that doesn't give 4 credit hours to almost every math class, they would have been worth 36 hours.) 27 of those hours (the Metro hours, not the imaginary Rice hours) are upper division, and 11 are 400-level.

So that's that.


Sally said...

I think your Rice transcript is even worse than I expected. Too bad you couldn't major in logic... ;)

Tam said...

Yeah, it was pretty bad. I think, though, looking at my final semester, the correct conclusion is, "Too bad I couldn't major in 'classes Sally is taking'."

Sally said...

You know, Tam, if you'd figured out the "major in classes Sally is taking" thing early enough, it could have been a viable strategy. It worked for me, after all. ;) But you probably wouldn't be working on a degree in math now ... though wait, didn't I just take a bunch of math classes also? I think I came two CS classes short of an applied math major, actually.

Tam said...

If I woke up tomorrow, 17 and about to go to Rice, I would major in math immediately and just know that was what I wanted to do. But, if you recall, I really had no idea what I wanted to do at the time. German? Linguistics? English? CS? I never did figure it out.

Jason Galbraith said...

Teacher certification? You're going to be a math teacher? That's great! Congratulations!