Friday, February 12, 2010

My Favorite Super Bowl Ad

Far and away, it was this one for the Kia Sorento. I especially like the ending.


Sally said...

Yep, that one was great. The competition was pretty lame this year overall, I thought, and things like the back-to-back men-in-their-underwear ads for and Dockers was...I don't know...a sad display of no originality.

There was a local ad for an auto parts store that was, by one criterion, the most effective ad at the party I attended. It was just this guy, at his store, singing a song about his store; it was bizarrely compelling. At one point I looked over and all 12 or so people were quietly staring at the screen (the only time this happened). Afterwards, one guy said that he's been meaning to buy a something-or-other for his car and another guy said, I am totally going to that place with you.

Tam said...

I agree the ads overall were pretty lame. If I weren't into football I don't think it would have been worth my time to try to watch the ads. And I hated the woman-hating aspect of many of them.