Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Eating with Ed

Anything looks good if you put it in a nice bowl and photograph it from an angle One of the things that dating Ed is doing is kind of disordering my eating habits. We often stay up late at activities and sometimes I eat an extra meal afterwards. We've also been eating out too much, which is partly because I always like any excuse to eat out and partly because it's been slightly logistically challenging getting meals together.

Tonight, Ed is making me dinner at his house. He likes cooking and I think has wanted to do this. I suggested something simple, and preferably CV or near-CV. It'll give us a little extra time together this evening if I don't have to figure out how to work my own dinner into things.


Sally said...

How did it work out? Or did you end up ordering a pizza... ;)

Tam said...

Well, I had given Ed two options: cook me dinner at your place, or take the bus downtown and meet me. (We had a shopping errand to go on.) He initially took the cooking option, but ended up switching to the bus option later on.

I still await the fun of having Ed cook for me.