Thursday, June 21, 2007

Trojan "Evolve" Ad

Trojan has a new ad campaign, an example of which can be watched here on their website. The commercial depicts a bar full of pigs and women, and shows the women rejecting the pigs over and over. Then one of the pigs goes into the restroom and gets a Trojan condom from a dispenser, at which point he is transformed into a man. He returns to the woman who previously rejected him, and she definitely likes him this time. The end of the ad says "Evolve" and "Use a condom every time." Here is their print ad.

Oink oink!
I have kind of a love/hate relationship with this ad. I hate the depiction of men as pigs and women as objects of sexual desire. But I really love the message of the ads ("use a condom every time" or "choose the one who uses a condom every time") and I think the angle of selling condoms to straight men using the motivation that women like men who use condoms is a good one. I really do like men who are happy to use a condom every time. I think it's a smart way to have sex.


Sally said...

Does it make you want to use/buy Trojan condoms?

Tam said...

Not really, no. To me, this is Trojan positioning itself (or continuing to position itself) as the condom choice for horndog men who want to score with hot babes. I don't really fit that demographic. I'm more of a Durex girl, among the basic brands.

I went into a Safeway the other day to buy some condoms, though, and they had them all behind the pharmacy counter (the fuck?) and too far away to really look at. I was committed to getting some, so I went ahead and asked the pharmacist, and I did end up saying Trojans, for some reason.

"What kind?" she asked.

"Um, the basic kind?" I said.

She got me the "Her Pleasure" variety. They have an interesting texture and always end up feeling over-lubricated (so maybe I need to stop adding extra lube to them). I dunno.

rvman said...

As Sally would say, Top of Mind Awareness - a goal of advertising isn't to make you consciously buy the product, but rather to make you 'think of' that brand when you do buy that general class of product. So, when you go ask for a condom, you say "Trojan" because it is top of mind.

Sally said...

Brand image is obviously a concern for marketers, but they will be happy that you bought the Trojans, regardless of how you view the brand.

Tam said...

I asked for Trojans at Safeway because my dim recollection of the last time I shopped for condoms in the grocery store is that Trojans were the only ones that came in a "normal" variety vs. a multi-flavor 4-pack or different textures, etc.

Tam said...

(In other words, condom shopping is one of those Paradox of Choice situations for me.)