Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Mine are kind of a mess this month. I usually track them with great glee and diligence, but I let things slide a few weeks here and just now bothered to actually go and pay bills, some of which are late as a result. Once I knew I was fucking things up, I had to kind of fight to go handle them, because once they're fucked up I don't want to deal with 'em.

Also, the credit card that I use for my spending, and diligently pay off each month, I was not able to completely pay off this month. Partly that's because I have already spent, but have not yet received, the $1500 in grant money from that CREU grant project I did last year. Partly it's because I simply overspent by that much money.

For the first time since October '06 when I started tracking it, my net worth actually went down this month, though only by about $250. (This month's is lower than May's but still much higher than April's.) Yuck.

I need to get my act together. So far I've been doing fine keeping up with school work (my one stupid online class) but my diet, exercise, and financial management are going all to hell. Oh well, new relationship stuff, right? It will pass, right? Right?!?

(For the record, everything is all shaped up now - checkbook updated, bills paid, etc.)

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