Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekend with Ed; "The Talk"; Condoms

I basically spent the entire weekend with Ed, which was great. He brought his computer over on Saturday night so we could continue to hang out and he could still do his stuff.

Red Rocks - 15 minutes from my apartment!We had a short but fun hike on Saturday. (He told me he must love me if he was willing to exercise for me. Not to mention be exposed to all that icky life outside.) We did the trading post loop trail mentioned on this page about hiking at Red Rocks. The first time I did this - a couple of years ago, I guess - I thought it was a pretty challenging trail, but now it's just a short romp, really. We spent a lot of the walk arguing about physics. (For instance, I argued that we had to walk uphill as much as we did downhill because we needed our up and down vectors to sum to zero, and Ed argued that it was because "gravity is a conservative force." The passers-by at a particular point probably wondered why Ed was shouting at me, "You're living in a flat earth!" All in good fun, of course.)

Late Saturday night we had the "what happens if Tam gets pregnant" talk, which is a very difficult conversation that is nonetheless a really good idea to have at some point. I of course told Ed that I want to marry him and have a million of his babies am not completely sure what I would do, but that we would discuss it in detail if it occurred. His position was compatible, but I won't expose it here. I think we are both realistic, reasonable adults who took approximately the positions you'd expect.

'And Protestantism doesn't stop with the simple condom, oh no, I can wear French Ticklers if I want!'Meanwhile, I have BC pills on hand, and am ready to start taking them at the start of my next cycle. We are using condoms right now, and plan to keep using them even once I am on the pill, so the odds of fertilization are pretty low.

I haven't had many partners who were happy with wearing condoms indefinitely. I find them slightly inconvenient and a tetch uncomfortable, but I'm figuring out how to mitigate that, and I really appreciate having a partner who sees no drawback to them and is willing to take responsibility for his own half of the equation. And of course they make sex safer and I guess the bottom line is, I'm getting to be a big fan of the stupid things.


The Infamous Ed said...

You forgot to mention the part about "if Tam gets pregnant we're going to bring her to the mothership so the aliens can experiment on our babies and make them into mutated hybrids!"

That would be hella cool.

In other news, yes, I think condoms are a great idea. They certainly make me more comfortable in the sense of not worrying about Bad Things happening, and that worrying ruins the experience pretty solidly.

I have an understanding that younger people (these days) tend to be more comfortable with contraceptives, mostly because of cultural shifts and shifts in education over the years. I'm proud. I got sick of listening to people bash young people for various cultural differences; it's nice to think we've got a few things right.

This all sounds very weird to me. I'm posting and I'm very tired and it's very late.


I'll read it in the morrow and see if I think I'm nuts.

Katie said...

If you find them uncomfortable, I would highly recommend experimenting with different brands. For example, many people espouse that Trojan is the "da man" when it comes to condoms, and that they are the most comfortable, most safe, etc. However, I find durex much, much better. It also happens to be "the world's #1" condom. Also, there could be the issue of latex or no latex...and there are always the non-latex condoms which are supposed to be just as safe, however are considered much noisier. Definitely steer clear of the "sheepskin" and "natural" types...not nearly well enough tested to be trustworthy. Also, don't forget: lubricants are your friend!

Tam said...

Thanks! And yeah, I'm definitely getting smarter on all that stuff.