Monday, May 04, 2009

Summertime, Summertime

This summer, for the first time in a few years, I won't be taking any classes, for the simple reason that there are no classes remaining for me to take that are taught in the summer. So, aside from work, I'll have the summer off.

"Aside from work" is a big exception, but when I am in the habit of being in school, not being in school does seem to give me oodles of spare time (with the attendant boredom, etc.) So I have two goals for the summer.

First, I'd like to cook more. I've been making dinner two or three times a week, and Ed has been enjoying and/or tolerating my food. I'd like to bump that up to five times a week, just for the summer, and see how it goes. I'd also like to plan ahead more - buy groceries only once or twice in the week. Overall, the idea of this plan is to practice cooking on a really regular basis, and I also think it will save me money and result in a healthier diet.

One challenge is that I don't currently make enough different meals for us to eat my cooking five times a week without dying of boredom. So I'll have to expand my repertoire a bit, but that's all to the good. There are certainly a lot of different meal ideas out there that meet my criteria (reasonably cheap, easy, healthy, and bountiful).

My second goal is to start exercising again. I haven't gotten any exercise to speak of since my semester heated up, and that's bad. Ed and I were going together before that. Whether he can resume joining me or not, I want to start working out in some fashion five times a week. I still have my 24 Hour Fitness membership, plus, of course, it's summer and thus wonderful and nice outside for all kinds of things, so it should be pretty easy.

I'll keep you posted on how these things go.


Sally said...

Sounds like you are planning to put your extra time this summer to good purchase.

On the homemade food front, I made Tam's Red Beans & Rice last week, and it was like the food of the gods. On Saturday, we had thought of eating at Jason's for dinner (because we were out) but I decided I wanted to come home and eat my remaining serving of RBR. Unfortunately, I had eaten the last serving already without realizing, and I went into a (somewhat low-blood-sugar-induced) grump over it.

I look forward to hearing about your cooking and exercise adventures.

Tam said...

My red beans & rice are pretty good! Also: easy, except for the part where you have to plan ahead.