Monday, May 11, 2009

The Week's Menu

In keeping with my plan of cooking dinner five times a week, I planned some meals today, and stopped at King Soopers to buy ingredients. Here is what I bought (click for a larger version):

I'm pretty pleased with it. The total cost was $40.62, which, (incorrectly) assuming no leftovers, comes out to $4.06 per person per meal.


Sally said...

Is that one carrot? And two kinds of crusy bread (mmmm)? I love the "Joy of Cooking" branded 100% prepared foods. Is that like really the "Joy of Eating"?

I wonder how/whether my general diet would improve if I had to put everything I bought on my blog. (Transfer of junk grocery purchases to junk restaurant purchases?)

Tam said...

The produce shown consists of a carrot, two bell peppers, some broccoli, two zucchinis, two onions, and a bundle of asparagus. Some of the produce bags are the reusable kind, making it more difficult to see what's in there.

Breads are a half-loaf of Italian bread from the bakery and that bag of frozen baguetters from "Joy of Cooking." (Yes, it IS amusing. They have a whole line of those things.)

The frozen rolls are pretty convenient, especially since Ed eats more than I do. I can make one or two for him and not eat any myself. And the JOC brand is one of the few brands of frozen rolls in my local store that don't have trans fats.

Plenty of people take pictures of their restaurant meals. You could document everything you eat in pictures! Kind of an alternative to logging it in a journal or whatever.

Debbie said...

You have my favorite brand of macaroni and cheese. It's both whole wheat and elbow-shaped.

The time I showed everything I bought was definitely an above average week. If I'd shown this week, you'd see a bag of sugar, root beer (irresistible because it's made with "real sugar"), chocolate yogurt, and a bunch of non-Lara bar snack bars that I had coupons for as well as less embarrassing things (peanut butter, peanuts, cheddar cheese, the same macaroni and cheese pictured here, bread, grape juice, strawberries, bananas, and an onion). Some weeks I buy no produce at all. I don't think showing pictures would change my behavior at all, though.

Tam said...

Debbie, the first time I bought that brand of whole wheat mac & cheese I was surprised how superior it was to other brands.

I used to almost never buy any produce, but I find that the idea of cooking for two people instead of just myself motivates me to have healthier and "from-scratchier" meals.

Sally said...

We buy a lot of produce, but Leo would have a fit if we didn't. Having a rabbit has made me more willing to buy certain kinds of produce that I know he will help eat up - I don't worry about having too much lettuce, cilantro, parsley, etc., than I will need for human consumption.

Tam said...

Yeah, parsley is a really hard one when you don't have a rabbit. And lettuce is terrible. I can pay $1 for a giant head of romaine that I have to wash and cut myself, and that I'll throw out at least half of, or I can pay $3 for a much smaller amount already washed and cut up in a bag. It's almost (and sometimes is) worth the $2 just not to deal with the guilt.