Thursday, July 30, 2009

Goodbye Grainless

Well, my magical grainless diet worked...for a few weeks. Now I can't get myself to get back on it. And, what's more, I'm distinctly eating worse than before the grainless diet. I'm obsessing over food a lot (even though I'm eating plenty) and often eating completely unnecessarily, which I wasn't doing (much) before trying the grainless diet.

I feel like dieting is just a generally doomed enterprise, to the extent that we mean anything other than "trying to keep a general focus on eating in a healthy way."

Trying to force myself to eat a particular way or amount just seems to drive me bonkers and make me obsess about food continually.

Not trying to force myself to eat a particular way or amount seems to lead to weight gain.

Obviously I should change my environment. Unfortunately, I think moving to the 19th century would probably shorten my lifespan more than it would lengthen it.


Sally said...

May I recommend moving *forward* in time?

It's risky, but I think the probability that they have drugs that cure obesity (and other health-harming things) or have outlawed all hyperpalatable food is greater than the probability that they just kill the obese in a sort of "Logan's Run Only For Fat People" kind of way.

Tam said...

Ah, good thinking!