Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Oh, Pandora, You Kidder

Before the song even started, I saw in my Pandora window the following album cover.

Oh my goodness. Not a good sign, and yet it perfectly captures a certain aesthetic, doesn't it? Don't you just know what the music will sound like? It was "Heat of the Moment":

And we get even more dragons!

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Sally said...

I like the way if you look at the negative space underneath the pegasus's left wing, and follow the curve of the dragon behind it, it sort of looks like a bunny-rat thing head (with that black ball - whatever it is - as the eye). It actually took me a moment to see that this wasn't what was depicted.

There was a nightmarish sort of week last summer at the math ed job in which somebody kept playing "Xanadu" type music on Pandora.