Sunday, August 30, 2009

Achingly Good

I made red beans & rice this weekend, and it was a bit special. The kidney beans were organic, from a bin at Whole Foods, which I mention only because they were a much brighter red color than the ones I usually buy (I noticed this before cooking them) and because the beans seem to have a crazy good taste, a really concentrated earthy flavor.

More unusually, the sausage I used is wild boar smoked sausage from Broken Arrow Ranch. I was curious what it would taste like, and what it tastes like is very lean pork sausage with a little bit of extra...fruitiness? It definitely has an extra flavor, but that flavor is not gamey or musky at all. I think "fruity" is the best I can do.

Whether because of the beans, or the sausage, or the brown basmati rice, or maybe I just did a better job with seasonings than usual, the red beans & rice came out as the best I've had in a long time. My last few pots have tended to be a bit bland, but this one is to die for. I might literally die eating it.

(Ed, unprompted, agreed that it was fantastic, far superior to my usual, so I don't think I'm only imagining the improvement.)

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