Sunday, August 23, 2009

School Tidbits

Being in school again has made me feel incredibly alive, happy, and full of excitement. It is like the very air bristles with energy around me. It's amazing. I felt that I was a little depressed over the summer, and the change back has confirmed and strengthened that observation.

I got my first linear algebra assignment done Friday night; it was pretty straightforward. This morning (Saturday), I got my calculus assignment done. These are due Thursday and Wednesday, respectively.

I wanted to put more effort into calculus because the class kind of scares me and this week a lot of axioms and properties of inequalities and absolute values were floating around, so, after I finished the part of the assignment that isn't to be turned in, I wrote up the axioms he gave us for inequalities, and then each theorem he listed, and I proved each theorem according to the axioms. They weren't difficult proofs at all, but I feel much better having done them.

Later, Ed and I talked fairly extensively about the axioms and theorems. Dr. P hadn't given the axioms very rigorously and we discussed things like whether an "or" in a certain place was exclusive or not, and what the consequences of making either choice would be, and how things would change if we left out or changed other elements of the system. That was crazily fun and also, I think, productive.

(One of the theorems I proved is that 1 > 0. What a relief.)

Anyway, it's amazing to feel this way again. Even though I'm a bit more tired because of going to school four nights a week, I think I am overall much more energetic as a result of being engaged and unbored, which trumps a little extra time away from home every night.


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