Tuesday, August 01, 2006

For Rosie

This looks like my mom's dog:
natalie dee cartoon (from www.nataliedee.com)


Rosie (Tam's momm's dog) said...

Well I don't know whether to be flattered or insulted. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume the wings are what reminded you of me and not the portliness of the pug pictured. Momm does refer to me as her little angel after all. I'm planning to go on a diet and exercise program sometime but it's not my fault momm is such a good provider. Sometimes Ginger and Gracie my sisters are more interested in playing outside so Sparky and I have to finish their food for them too. This is never an issue on the weekends when momm prepares her delicious raw meatloaf for us. And where's the picture of Sparky? He has weight issues too. Have you seen the new show on HGTV "Honey We're Killing the Kids"? Momm has threatened to call them if Sparky and I don't lose a little weight. BTW, when are you coming to visit? I'm practicing jumping up on your bed. Hugs and slobbery kisses,
Rosita Bandito Chiquita Banana Por Favor

Tam said...

Mi Rosita,

I assure you, it was not the portliness of the cartoon which reminded me of you. It is only that you are the only pugita in my heart, so that whenever I see another, I am only reminded of you.

Leopold Zipperbunny said...

Rosie, there is no shame in being a large girl. Eating raw meatloaf on the other paw ... well, you can't help being a carnivore, I suppose, even if that does seem rather bizarre if not downright morally suspect to me.

I believe that my substantial size gives me a rather regal air, as befits a "rex" rabbit. (My girl human has occasionally referred to me as having a Henry the 8th look during my more well-fed periods, which I choose not to interpret as an implication that I am fat, but rather an observation on my air of command and the authority I exude.)

Those wings look very useful. I wouldn't mind having some to get over the annoying gate that keeps me from eating the lovely, long electric cords in the other parts of the house. However, I do rather question their aerodynamic viability. But what do I know about applied physics or mechanical engineering. My humans have never kept those kinds of books on the bottom shelf of the bookcases where I could "digest" this knowledge page by page.

I wish you and your sisters much happy jumping.

sally said...

Tam, and here I was thinking, "What this world needs is more Lamarkian evolution jokes" and your blog delivers. :)

Rosie said...

I was thinking the same thing Sally. My momm keeps the books on evolution on the bottom shelf so I can chew on them and I've picked up a few tidbits.
You are Leopold Zipperbunny's human, right.

Tam said...

I am thinking that some of you pets need more to occupy your day. You are all way too easily amused.

Rosie said...

I actually spent a lot of time looking at Charles and Chester from the link on your post. Between eating and sleeping I'm a pretty busy pugster.

Leo said...

Tam, because you are such a small- and soft-handed human, with a pleasantly light touch, I will overlook this slur on how we spend our time and refrain from pointing out that at least Rosie and I are not goofing around on the Internet while pretending to work unlike some humans we could name.