Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I've been raving for years about the wonderful Kaiser Permamente "Thrive" commericals, but I've never managed to capture them on video. Thankfully, we now have YouTube, so such things are no longer necessary.

This ("Signs") was my first favorite one. I especially love the Hal Hartley-esque music:

I also think "Be Your Own Cause" is brilliant, both in the message and in the solid boomer targeting. The Dylan music is great too.

Here is a nifty Spanish one:

And here is one I haven't seen on TV, but it looks great too:

I just think the message of these ads is fabulous, and they are so well-executed. Unbelievable :-)

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Tam's momm said...

These are great commercials. I didn't even know who kp was and had to look them up. I've heard the name but don't think they operate in TX.