Thursday, August 24, 2006


Before the behemoth DIA airport was opened, Denver's airport was Stapleton, which is closer in to town. Now that area is being revamped as a mixed residential/business area. Slate today has an article about Stapleton in the guise of an article about New Orleans. I always enjoy reading about Denver, of course.

There have been some fun radio ads about Stapleton houses also. They take the general tone of, do you have some friends who reject suburban life, who like living in a unique house in an older neighborhood, who are willing to put up with not being able to shower and wash dishes at the same time in return for the joys of urban life? Boy have we got a housing development for them! That's the gist, anyway. I think they're pretty funny, and also appealing because, while I'm not actually a person who wants to live in an old poorly-plumbed house in an urban neighborhood instead of a giant cheesy suburban McMansion, I wish I were. I have aspirations of gritty urban authenticity.

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