Friday, August 18, 2006

Monday Fatigue

For the past few months at least, I've tended to be tired on Mondays. I'm droopy all day, and when I go home at night, I have no energy for anything, and I usually get a mild tension headache. This is despite the fact that I almost always go to bed on time on Sunday nights and get a full night's sleep after having a relaxing weekend.

I noticed that when I had tennis classes this summer on Monday nights, I wasn't too tired to go to them. In fact I wasn't really tired on those Mondays at all.

And I just recently remembered that I never used to be tired on Mondays. Coworkers would complain about its being Monday, and I would think, and sometimes say, that I was usually happy and upbeat on Mondays, and didn't mind them. I think my whole life I've basically liked Mondays OK.

So what gives?

I've decided it must be purely psychological. I used to like my job at my last company, despite how screwed up the company was, and when I started this job, I loved it, but lately I've kind of hated my job. So I think the only thing making me tired on Monday is the oppressive thought of having a whole work week ahead of me.

The origin of this Monday Droop is important because, starting next week, I'll have class on Monday night until 8:15. That would be a tiring schedule on any day, but I'd wondered if it would kill me on a Monday. Now that I know that the Monday thing is just in my head, I think I can fight it better. Something that's physical and inevitable seems harder to combat than something that's just an attitude problem.

No more whining and extra fatigue on Mondays! I refuse.


Mosch said...

Hurray!! I won't have to deal with Droopy, Whiny or Grumpy on Mondays anymore. Yippee!!!!!!

sally said...

Maybe the excitement of your classes will keep the grumpiness away, at least for a while.