Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Sunday night, I really wanted to go out to eat. But I'm already over budget on spending this month (largely due to needing textbooks for school), so I thought I'd try making a pizza. I saw a friend do this once and it looked pretty easy.

Mosch and I walked over to the store and bought a little packet of pizza crust mix ($0.50; I chose the Kroger brand because it didn't have partially hydrogenated oils) and a bag of shredded mozzarella ($2 or $3; we used half). We already had a jar of spaghetti sauce ($3 for the jar; we used 1/3 of it for the pizza), onions (we used way less than 1/2 of one), and sliced mushrooms (on sale this week for $0.88 for the 8-oz carton; we probably used 2 oz at most).

It took about 10 minutes to prepare the dough according to the package directions. I laid the pizza out on a cookie sheet, not filling the whole sheet. (The other option was to use a 12" pan, so that's about how big the pizza was, I suppose.) 1 cup of sauce, about a cup of mozzarella, and onions & mushrooms as seemed appropriate. 12 minutes later it was done.

I thought it was a pretty excellent pizza for less than $4. Not counting the pleasant stroll to the store and back, it took less time than ordering a pizza and waiting for it to be delivered. Because the crust mix only says to let it rise for 5 minutes, the crust was not puffy/bready/yeasty, but more like a thick cracker (not crispy, just not risen). But it was fine for me. I'm sure you could accomplish the same crust with some flour and yeast and the same amount of effort, which would be even cheaper, and then you could use part or all whole wheat if you wanted.


Debbie said...

Or you could add wheat germ and wheat bran to the mix, thus making it more expensive.

My brother says you can make a good pizza with his favorite biscuit recipe, but his favorite biscuit recipe, while delicious, involves two sticks of butter. I haven't yet tried it with my favorite biscuit recipe, so I don't exactly know what would happen.

rvman said...

Sally and I are currently (as in it is in the oven) making pizzas using pita shells as the crust - just top the pita as if it were a crust, and bake. Since they are pre-baked, all you are really doing is melting the cheese and heating, so it is extremely simple. We use whole wheat pita shells.