Monday, June 22, 2009

An Amusing Smackdown

I came across this bit of advice from a Carolyn Hax live advice discussion:

Bethesda, MD: What's the best way to deal with a supervisor who has inane policies about attendance? I'm a good employee, but I have a tendency to come in 15 or so minutes late, and if I do, my supervisor takes away vacation time. It's not like I have to be at work to answer phones or because someone's expecting me -- my work is almost totally independent. I do end up putting in an eight hour day (I'll stay late when I come late), but my supervisor has said that she doesn't want me to do that. These policies make no sense and only serve to lower the morale of the workplace. Short of quitting, is there anything I can do? She's totally inflexible about this, and talking to her does no good.

Carolyn Hax: Show up on time.
Love that.


Sally said...

Man, having a boss who expects you to come to work on time basically every day. What a fucking dictator.

Seriously, how hard is it to get to work on time? Sure, sometimes you'll run late due to getting up late, screwing around before leaving, getting struck in traffic, but if you're typically running 15 minutes late, can't you just start your routine 15 minutes earlier?

Showing up on time has to be one of the very easiest aspects of most any job, and yet this person wants to make a stand over it?

Sally said...

Note: it could be possible that a person has less flexibility due to taking public transportation or a child care situation. But if that had been the case, this complaining employee surely would have explained that in his/her question to the advice columnist.

Tam said...

I think for some people, maybe the newly working, it's a shock to find out that some elements of a job are non-negotiable and that you might have to change yourself rather than convince the other person to change.

And yes, being on time is not that big of a deal.

Doctor Pion said...

Right. Just set your clock so it is 15 minutes fast.